7th June, 2002
Ministry Of Urban Development  



Home Minister Shri Lal Krishna Advani said that international community has realized that pressure should be exerted on Pakistan to put a stop on the export of terrorism to India. He further stated that "from Agra to Almaty", the world opinion has undergone a sea change in Indiaís favour and that Pakistan is now being asked to stop training and sending militants to India.

Shri Advani was speaking here today after inaugurating the Qila Rai Pithora Conservation Complex and unveiling the statue of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan. Emphasizing the need for preserving our cultural and historical heritage, Shri Advani observed that we would truly honour the memory of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan if not only the brave soldiers but all citizens of India would embrace the qualities of bravery and sacrifice of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, Shri Ananth Kumar emphasized the need for preserving, protecting and strengthening our architectural and cultural legacy. Stating that by building memorials and cultural complexes in honour of our national heroes, the Minister pointed out that we would be able to keep the memories of our national and historical figures alive which would also serve to inspire many generations to come. Observing that the development of Qila Rai Pithora Conservation Complex is an effort to unearth history, he said that the cultural complexes like these would also help in keeping our environment clean and green.

Shri Ananth Kumar also announced on this occasion that a cultural complex and information center would be developed in memory of Maharaja Surajmal in Delhi. He further stated that a subway costing about Rs. 2 crore would be constructed to provide better connectivity to Press Enclave area of South Delhi.

Addressing the gathering, Minister for Culture and Tourism Shri Jagmohan said that cultural complexes in memory of our national and historical heroes would be developed not only in Delhi but also all over the country. This would help in weaving history and heritage with the present and it would also create center of recreation for residents staying close to the complexes. Shri Jagmohan stressed that the best way to honour the memories of our national heroes would be to translate into reality the ideals and ethos espoused by them.

In his welcome address, Lt. Governor of Delhi Shri Vijay Kapoor said that Qila Rai Pithora wall is an important historical and heritage site in Delhi which was lying in utter neglect till few years back and an unauthorized dairy was functioning from the area. In 1999, Delhi Development Authority undertook the development work of the Conservation Complex to highlight the heritage wall of Prithviraj Chauhanís Qila Rai Pithora, he said.

Those who were present on the occasion include Dr. Sahib Singh, Member of Parliament, Shri Rasa Singh Rawat, Member of Parliament and Shri Ram Sutar, renowned sculptor who sculpted the statue of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan for the Complex.