15th April, 2002
Ministry of Coal  


Lok Sabha

The total quantum of coal extracted in the country from open cast (OC) and underground(UG) mines during the last three years is 300.04 million tonnes during 1999-00, 309.63 million tonnes in 2000-01 and (provisional) 322.61 million tonnes in 2001-02.

Productivity in terms of per tonne of raw coal output per manshift (OMS) of open cast and underground mines is CIL 2.30 and SCCL 1.50 tonnes. Average cost of production per tonne in CIL for the year 2000-01 is Opencast Rs. 377.96, Underground Rs. 1454.78 and in SCCL Opencast is Rs. 542.00 and Underground Rs. 1280.00.

The details of coal reserves in operating opencast and operating underground mines and closed mines as on 31st March 2002 (Provisional) are :

(figures in million tonnes)


Operating OC Mines

Operating UG Mines

Closed Mines









Geological Survey of India (GSI) has reported that during the last few years two new potential coal bearing areas in West Bengal have been identified. Domra area, Bardhaman District marks the easternmost extension of Raniganj Coalfied. Total reserves of 917.77 million tonnes has been established. Birbhum coalfied, Birbhum District: Reserve of 3795.45 million tonne has already been established in this coalfied. In the south-central part of the coalfield in Pachami area, a super thick seam zone with maximum recorded thickness of 156 m having 118 m of clean coal has been recorded. Exploratory activities in other areas of this coalfield for providing additional resource are being continued. In both the areas coal occurs at depth, below 150-300 m cover of hard basaltic rocks and other sediments.

In addition, exploration in recent years in Trans-Damodar area, Southeastern fringe area of Raniganj Coalfield has established the occurrence of coal at shallow depth. In this area, so far, 170 million tonne reserve has been established, more that 70% of which lie within 300 m depth from surface. Exploratory activities to establish full potentiality of the area are in progress. Two blocks viz. Diwanganj and Deocha-Pachami having geological reserves of 38 million tonnes and 2025 million tonnes in Birbhum coalfield, have been identified for captive mining. So far these blocks have not been requisitioned by private parties. CIL has not retained any block in Birbhum coalfield for mining in future.

The above was informed by Union Minister for Coal & Mines Shri Ram Vilas Paswan today in reply to questions in Lok Sabha.